Month: November 2017

Mag Bay Adventures

Mag Bay!  We had a great run down from Turtle Bay, a much different experience from 2015. The seas were relatively benevolent, we stayed with the group, fishing was great .. for everyone else! But I was able to have the line in the water a lot, which always makes me happy. The overnight was …

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Turtle Bay

11/11/17 Turtle Bay Activities   Once again we have slept in – the steady slow low rolling of the swells coming into the bay has worked its magic and kept us asleep long past our usual wake-up time. Yesterday we had a lovely day, just puttering on the boat and then Val and I went …

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First leg, Cubar 2017

Arrival in Ensenada… well, that was fun! Some fish, some lightening, and as we arrived and wandered up to check in to Mexico, some kind of rain!  It was a good trip, the gang left in a rather staggered fashion – the weather started out really fine, cloudy but not windy and not rough. We …

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