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We have spent years cruising, alone, with kids, with dog, and with friends – in four different boats (  26 foot Tanzer Sailboat “Pagoo”; 26 foot Campion Toba powerboat and liveaboard, “Mithril”; 30 foot Campion Trawler and liveaboard and giant playpen “Pagoo”; then our first foreverboat ( we lied) a 43 foot North Pacific, “Malahide”; and now our new/old foreverboat, a much-dreamed of and anticipated Nordhavn 46… Nothern Ranger. Although there are still coves to be discovered and water to be navigated up north ( ie ALASKA!!) we made the decision to “turn left and straight on until morning”… well, lots of mornings, actually. We aren’t getting any younger (says who????) and we thought that we would venture out a little further afield while the venturing was still good.  The boat is more than capable of handling it, and after our journey down the coast to Mexico, we have  discovered that we are more than capable too. 

( No accident, that – we have been preparing for this for years!!!!)


So now, with the boat several airplane rides away, we wait with baited breath for that magical thing called “retirement”.  I retired years ago ( out of the frying pan and  into the fire, as in, full time housewife and everything that goes with that!!!! fun!!) but the other half and titular Captain of the ship still needs to show up once in a while to prove that he is still working for The Company.

We read with envy the blogs and letters from cruisers who cast off and drift away for years and  years.. and years… and hopefully one day in the not too distant future, that will be us.  But meanwhile!  Long plane rides and short excursions are in our plans. And really, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that!  baby steps!!!!

We have successfully navigated the West Coast! time to celebrate!
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