Another day … more chores.. and some paradise moments

The sun is down… we are sitting and relaxing, Phyllis is making dinner and we have had a great day! Well, we have  had a busy day… many many chores were finished ( we have three doors that work like a dream, the blinds all work properly, laundry is done, oil is changed, water maker is in…) off to the pool for a dip and a drink, where we met the Kemp Family ( Sealevel II) ! What a joyous holiday they are having- who wouldn’t love having all their kids and grandkids spending the week with you down here! fantastic!  Also ran into Daybreak crew ( Karen and Jerome Fisher)  just arrived from their cruise up the Sea of Cortez… we brought a few boxes of zincs down for them and I bartered for some frozen fish from their larder ( they are super fishermen!) so all is good!

Phyllis and I bused into town and did another big shop, so now we are provisioned and ready to go. Unfortunately the meat we had planned for dinner tonight ( a beautiful pork tenderloin)  didn’t get into our bags for some reason, so now we are scrambling to make something out of whatever we have left. Pasta and a yummy roquefort pear salad. 

We are wondering about America – any American we have met  are all crossing their fingers that good will come of the election. Whatever happens, I hope that calm heads prevail and everyone finds a way to make peace with each other. We have to drive back through the States and I am hoping it is all calm!

So we are working our way to getting ready to leave – lots has been done, a few more things remain – tomorrow the Grady will be put in the water, and we will start to move Tom and Phyllis from the camper to the boat! They are enjoying their home on the land but it’s time to start this adventure!