Northern Ranger Heads South – New Latitudes, New Adventures! 


We have had a change of heart – a while ago we had the opportunity to trade up to a Nordhavn 50. It was too much of a deal to pass up, and although we absolutely love the 46, we saw an opening for dealing with the un-acknowledged two foot ( four foot) itis and we bought Worknot, an N50 we had the pleasure of meeting on the 2015 Cubar cruise. The story has unfolded through this blog somewhat – and now we have done the Cubar 2017, in our new Northern Ranger II – another stellar Nordhavn that we have totally fallen in love with. 

In a perfect world, we would be able to keep the 46 up in Canada and cruise her around the Pacific Northwest, but that is not possible. We are hoping that someone will fall in love with her the way we did, and we will once again be a one boat family ( I lie …. we have about 14 little boats up at the lake and down on the coast and on the 50 – but it would be nice to divest ourself of the 46 and make someone else’s life perfect the way ours was when we found her.

And so the story continues – we are back in Mexico, the future is unclear but I see more cruising ahead! And again, we have found the boat of our dreams, our forever boat, and we know she will take us on lots more adventures! 


Some photos from our two legs down to La Paz – Anacortes to San Diego, and then the Cubar Rally , from San Diego to La Paz!  



We Are Back!

Nineteen months of dreaming and waiting and we are finally back on Northern Ranger II in La Paz, Baja California Sur! November 5th 2021 – it’s been nineteen months since we left her in her slip at Costa Baja and headed home, as Covid changed the world around us and we adapted and stayed relatively …

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Quarantinis and other Pandemic

Day two… three… of quarantine. Not a bad place to be under house arrest, except for the minus ten and snowing part. But it is beautiful, and I’ve always said the lake is my happy place. We have neighbours who, even if we can’t see them in person, are there for us in spirit and …

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Should we stay or should we go?

May you live in interesting times… well ain’t that a curse and a half! The following are thoughts written down as we moved from La Paz to Loreto, taking in the news as it became available… and how we eventually processed it all and made a very hard decision. Not as cohesive a blog-post as …

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Travels with Varnebank, part 2

Another adventure without Northern Ranger! Poor thing, she’s going to think we don’t love her! Well of course we do, but timing and weather and circumstances beyond our control back home had us returning to La Paz later than anticipated mid-January and lacking the weather window needed to cross over to Puerto Vallarta. Our Cubar …

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Cubar 2019 San Diego to La Paz Aboard MV Varnebank

Cubar 2019 “Cruise Underway to Baja Rally” formerly known as FUBAR.   our route-planned in advance by Pat Rains and Ann Kinner and the rest of the Cubar Committee   Lawrence and I left San Diego aboard Varnebank on October 30th with the Cubar fleet, or at least part of the fleet. There were a …

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Fork In The Road

Life can be way more fun when you occasionally allow things to happen to you rather than let plans dictate what you are doing or where you are going tomorrow. That is why when our good friends in San Diego – ones we met on Cubar 2015 – asked us to crew for them for …

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A Tale of Two Nordies

  May 2019 San Diego Where oh where is Northern Ranger!? I am now at the point where the closest I get to cruising is either living vicariously through other people's posts or dreaming about it…and last night I had a doozy, everyone I have ever cruised with was there!! So fun, and so sad …

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more from La Cruz

more emails and drama back home, should we stay or should we go? ( a little Clash to start the day) For now we stay… Which is nice because each day we sink deeper into the lifestyle! I go for my walk/run in the morning while Lawrence reads blogs. Or works… sometime there is real …

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La Cruz

Well we finally made it! The weather gods looked kindly upon us, and we were able to achieve our goal of crossing to the other side just in time to have dinner with Sea Level II and then say goodbye to them! Our original plan had been to head to Muertos just around the corner, …

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Written in Sand…or Snow…

We got the call a few days after we landed back in La Paz. Preparations for our winter cruise south to La Cruz and parts beyond, and north up the Sea of Cortez, were well underway. Plans were in place for friends to fly down and join us for a few weeks, and we were …

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