Northern Ranger Heads South – New Latitudes, New Adventures! 


We have had a change of heart – a while ago we had the opportunity to trade up to a Nordhavn 50. It was too much of a deal to pass up, and although we absolutely love the 46, we saw an opening for dealing with the un-acknowledged two foot ( four foot) itis and we bought Worknot, an N50 we had the pleasure of meeting on the 2015 Cubar cruise. The story has unfolded through this blog somewhat – and now we have done the Cubar 2017, in our new Northern Ranger II – another stellar Nordhavn that we have totally fallen in love with. 

In a perfect world, we would be able to keep the 46 up in Canada and cruise her around the Pacific Northwest, but that is not possible. We are hoping that someone will fall in love with her the way we did, and we will once again be a one boat family ( I lie …. we have about 14 little boats up at the lake and down on the coast and on the 50 – but it would be nice to divest ourself of the 46 and make someone else’s life perfect the way ours was when we found her.

And so the story continues – we are back in Mexico, the future is unclear but I see more cruising ahead! And again, we have found the boat of our dreams, our forever boat, and we know she will take us on lots more adventures! 


Some photos from our two legs down to La Paz – Anacortes to San Diego, and then the Cubar Rally , from San Diego to La Paz!  



Itineraries Are For Sissies!

The cruising continues…. The weather is fabulous, especially when compared to back home…. And the living is easy. Or is it? Always the optimist, the lines are in the water… you can’t catch if you aren’t fishing! We were finally prepared to leave Costa Baja for some extended cruising with a very detailed itinerary in …

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It’s Been a While!

Northern Ranger II snug as a bug… across from us you can see the new name of the Hotel – Indigo – and the restaurant that has replaced Steinbecks – Barco. Lots of changes! No news is good news, and I guess with weather and boats, that’s usually true. But this year as we watched …

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Barra de Navidad at Last!

We finally made it out of La Cruz! The weather window was not ideal but it was supposedly good enough. To facilitate leaving the marina zero dark-thirty, we first headed out to Playa Manzanilla to overnight, accompanied by a few whales and whale watching boats (nice touch, finally seeing the whales before we had to …

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Back to La Cruz: 2023 – Part One

Our hasty departure from Costa Baja ( basically “goodbye kids, safe travels, now untie the lines and let’s go!”) was initiated by a small weather window appearing a few days earlier than expected. Though normally not impetuous by nature, we have learned to be flexible with our schedule when nature provides us with an opportunity …

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A Mexican Christmas Miracle!

Christmas on Northern Ranger… a Christmas Miracle! Sometime  last year son Andrew and his wife Adrienne decided that it was time to join us for Christmas on the boat in Mexico. Our first  Mexican Christmas, 2021,  was fun for us, we made friends and celebrated with them together, so although I missed the family very …

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Communication – we all need it, we’re all talking about it….

Through our years of cruising, one of the biggest issues has always been—communication .  We have marine VHF radios to talk to other boats, pretty much line of sight within a certain distance..but if you aren’t within range, no one can hear you scream….(I know this first hand!) For more reliable long distance communication, SSB …

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Prince William Sound- to Valdez

June 4  Cordova The crossing, which took around 50 hours, was remarkably and delightfully uneventful. The seas were the predicted 6-8 foot swells with a twelve second period… and the skies were a consistent, beautiful blue. Daylight lasts about 20 hours here so night watches were done in relative brightness, a huge change from our …

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Alaska Bound!

At last! Our long anticipated adventure and reunion with Daybreak, Sea Level II, and Piredmus –  has begun!  After last year’s incredible month long sojourn to Hakaii Pass and back down to Victoria on Daybreak, Jerome and Karen Fisher’s gorgeous Nordhavn 68, we were thrilled to be invited back aboard for the 2022 trip. This …

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Part two: cruise interrupted

The final leg of our Mexico cruise – and arguably the one I had most  looked forward to – was nearing an end. I put away the fishing rods, realizing that if I were to be lucky enough to actually catch a fish, it would mean the pounds of frozen chicken and store-bought tuna in …

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Cruise, interrupted… again…

part one of “what happened to our cruising plans 2022….” also known as ”soooo much stuff” I can’t honestly say we have been cruising – I don’t think one forty-four hour crossing to another marina constitutes cruising if you remain tied to the dock at said marina for a few months. Sadly, that’s what happened …

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