a calm bay for the last night…

well we finally got tired of the wind and the waves and the inability to actually do anything except sit on the boat for the day – and last night was not terribly comfortable… Sea Level upped anchor and headed down to Bahia San Gabriel…. when they radioed to tell us the seas in the bay were calm and the winds were diminished there, we made the decision to up anchor too. The trip over was rolly, and windy – but once we turned into the green bay all was well!

Down anchor, into the water went the kayaks, and then into the kayaks went pete and I… we had a long way to go but we got to shore, dragging the kayaks for the last bit… then walked from one end of the beach to the other.  A not insignificant distance!

Nothing worthwhile alive.. lots of puffer fish dead. This was a pearl oyster area, so there were a lot of oyster shells on the area just above the beach.. sand dunes, covered in small flowers like camomile and other prickly bushes. No shoes.. I didn’t explore . 

But the beach was  beautiful white sugar sand – a few shells , but not much of anything alive.

On the way back to the boat, I saw a fish jump and chased a long narrow fish around for a while… then in the distance, past the anchored boats, I saw a whale breath and then one jump right out of the water. The extent of our excitement! Back at the boat, we put on snorkelling gear and went swimming.  This could be our last day out, and I have to tick all the boxes! 

Chicken for dinner – is now in the oven, smelling fantastic. 

The downside is there are a few of what look like honey bees flying around.  Enough to make me wary when I put my arms down or sit somewhere.  But so far, not too bad.

Last night? may be. How terribly sad! but at least we are somewhere that is lovely, aside from the rock and roll here it is calm and beautiful… warm…. Truly a paradise! dinner is a mutual affair, chicken, potato salad, grilled corn… sounds delicious! we await the chariot from Sea Level II to deliver us to our floating restaurant! How nice is that!