Agua Verde – two days or two weeks… lots to do!

May 8th…. happy mothers day! 

Day two in Agua Verde… and an active one it was! I started out by getting up at three in the morning to look at the stars. I have never seen the milky way so clear! and to top it off, the phosphorescence was fantastic too… so worth the sleepless few hours. 

I decided to stay in the salon and try to sleep there so I could maybe wake up in time to photograph the sunrise.  Well, I kind of missed it, but at 7:00 when I did wake up it was beautiful out, so I took the kayak for a spin. The kayakers on the beach were mostly up, being fed and pampered and packing up to leave.  I went out to the point and almost caught up to a pod of what looked like orcas – discretion got the better part of valour and I decided my inflatable kayak would look awfully close to a pudgy sea lion and maybe some orca breakfast, so I didn’t try to get  up close and personal.  Good enough!  

Back at the boat, we cleaned and tidied and made coffee, and eventually Colibri woke up and we were able to whaler to shore for brunch. 

What an amazing meal – our lovely hostess had taken Diana’s plea for flan last night to heart, and after we finished the best huevos rancheros and home made tortillas ( I watched her do it!) she brought out a plate of jello and cream, and flan. We were already full but we found room for that!  

Outstanding, as Diana would say!

Agua Verde is actually home to around 300 people, three little tiendas and two or three? little restaurants, palapas. The one we went to last night was inland and more like someone’s yard with a table and a cloth, but the tacos were good. This morning, the restaurant was on the beach, a bit more attractive, and it was fun watching the kids helping

 out and watching something on their iPad. ( yes… I-Pad)

There were the ubiquitous dogs,  lying under out table, while we ate.  You cannot go to these places and not like or tolerate animals lying on your feet while you eat. At least, that is what I have found! 

Breakfast out of the way, we put on our hats and sh

ouldered our backpacks and took the road out of town, up the hill, and around to the north bay in Aqua Verde… and up to the top of the point for some great photo ops.  I do believe we worked off our breakfast – or pretty close to it.

And of course it was the middle of the day.  Mad dogs, Englishmen, and Christof – something about noon day sun. 

Back at the town, we picked up some avocados, talked to a couple who have actually been paid to come down from Oregan, do two weeks of Spanish language training in La Paz, and hang around Baja . Really??? where do I sign up?  No complaints, mate, we have it awfully good!

A celebratory cervesa was in order for all our hard work, and then the Colibri crew dinghy’d back to their boat and I went snorkelling. and kayaking. and now… some well earned rest, we have bartered for a fish from a panga fisherman to add to our dinner, which will be on Northern Ranger tonight.  Somehow I think we missed a meal, but it’s too warm to eat right now, so no worries. Another amazing day in paradise. Tomorrow, it looks like Colibri heads North, to Loreto, and we will work our way back to La Paz.  Unfortunately we don’t have a lot more time, and if we went north it would be a long haul back. Next time!  So close and yet.. so far.

The nicest thing was coming home from our hike and finding three lovely messages from home wishing me a happy mother’s day..totally surprised , best Mother’s Day gift ever!!!