Almost in Mexico!

Chula Vista – I can see Mexico from here!

After our two day epic journey ( poor Lawrence, not so much poor me.. he had the onerous task of getting the rig up Grapevine Hill and then winding our way through LA… so many songs come out of that whole trip..

Of course, Stuck in Lodi again ( but we weren’t.. we just stayed there one night and left after breakfast.. no sticking around at all)

Grapevine hill.. passing cars like they were standing still ( well, no, aside from the big big rigs who were almost motionless up the hill we came in a close second to last.. but we made it…)

Ventura Highway…. in the sun ( well actually in the rain)

Ventura Boulevard… no vampires seen ( although it was getting dark..)

and every other boulevard that either the Eagles or some other west coast band sang about.. 

so it was a musical trip down memory lane..

Once we left the parking lot that was LA ( worse for those poor souls going north!) we entered the San Diego speedway.  If you are doing the speed limit you are going WAY TOO SLOW!! and the cars use you as pylons.  Motorcycles seem to have this little lane between the HOV lane and the rest of us shmucks, because they would weave through traffic to settle themselves in the one foot of real estate they claimed for their own and then just give ‘er… if they did less than 70 I would be surprised. (I am wondering if this, combined with the roads that make you feel as if you are in a two foot/one second period chop in an aluminum skiff, is preparing us for the highways of Mexico.  Don’t want to get too blasé about driving now, do we??)

We only saw a few accidents, surprisingly – and lucky for us didn’t have to watch any motorcyclist being scraped off the road.  Not sure at that speed with that many cars surround them there would be any body parts intact for recycling.. anyway! we made it!!!! Lawrence was superb!  and I acted as navibitch and only had to raise my voice once or twice, and we didn’t get lost! The sun had set well before we arrived, so a lot of the navigating was done in the dark, which always makes things interesting…not to mention knowing you are towing a long boat behind you that makes it hard to get out of small spaces if you should happen to take a wrong turn.  Not that we would EVER do that… and if we did, we just pretended that was the way we meant to go and it all worked out in the end. Luckily we had some prior knowledge of San Diego, I do believe if it had been our first time through the city we would probably still be parked by the side of the road somewhere not talking to each other.  Maybe.  Maybe not.

Luckily for us, we found Chula Vista RV Resort and although the office was officially closed there were some very helpful security guys who gave us our late check in papers and directed us to where we could park the Grady… literally leading us there and helping us back her in to a spot. They also assured us that security is wonderful and there will be no problem with leaving her there for four or five days.  Hope so!

Then back to our spot by the sea, tucked in between some really large rigs, where we performed the land equivalent of docking in a small slip, knowing there are eyes peering out of the gold plater rigs surrounding us… but of course we managed with our usual aplomb and quiet teamwork ( this time).  

Our usual dinner of chicken spaghetti with noodles from Trader Joes and a few glasses of wine later, and that was it – probably asleep in about ten minutes.  Hooray! 

The next morning’s chores  consisted of  some  work for Lawrence, and then he figured out how to hook up all the paraphernalia that comes with land yachting – hoses and tubes and power cords and such. So now we are all attached and everything is great – we feel as though we belong.

I have just come back from a walk, of course by the time I did laundry and made breakfast etc etc it was middle of the day. Memo to self.. remember…just because it is fall and winter everywhere else it is NOT here. Though the locals act like it is ( long pants and gorgeous sweaters and wraps for sale in the little store here) it is in fact HOT outside.

I will leave earlier tomorrow for my walk, I think! 

We are hoping to get ourselves a car to do some travelling around, picking up things we need and procuring the papers required to get down into Mexico. The weekend will be for fun, and relaxing, etc, but Monday will be all about preparing for the move! and on Tuesday – it’s go time!

All around us are motorhomes coming and going, and I would love to get a chance to chat to a few people who are heading south. At this point, the only person I have talked to makes this place her home for six months of the year, so no travelling south pointers from her!

Next morning, happy Saturday – ah , Friday night in Chula Vista at the marina bar…will be forever burned in my memory! 

After a spectacular sunset, we wandered over to the pub for dinner. What a lot of fun! We couldn’t tell whether we were watching locals, yachtistas, or RV’ers out for a good time, but whatever the combination, 25 or 85, and all stops in between, the great music had everyone up dancing ( well, present company excluded but that’s OK…this time). We ate our dinner ( meh…calimari was good) and had our libations and totally enjoyed watching the show.  Music was excellent, and the dance floor was always full. Pretty passionate people around here – just saying. My favourites were the woman who had to be in her 80s, sharing  a table with some gorgeous young things, dancing and swivelling her way through most of the songs – I think she was everyone’s favourite dance partner – and the older gentleman with red suspenders who reminded me of my dad.. 

great evening, great music, but eventually we had to leave ( although this all happened before 9:00, surprisingly – band was playing the last set when we left..guess they party hard after  6:00 pm and then crash early.)

Today looks as though it is going to be lovely, and we are going to rent a car.. time to do some exploring. And a bit of shopping. And walking. And visiting with friends. 

It’s San Diego – whatever we do will be wonderful.  ( hmmmm, a little side trip to the old Coronado Hotel… now THERE’S an idea!!!)

Time to go!

Later that night… October 29th.

Full day – walk into town (Chula Vista) to pick up rental car – get exercise and pick up the car.. perfect! Trip into Costco for important stuff – then take it all back to the camper and try to find room for stowing it. We wonder about all the winter clothes alongside the Christmas decorations at Costco – it’s almost as if everyone expects snow soon…and it’s 80 degrees…. Then off to ( you guessed it) Coronado for lunch.. which was exquisite and perfect.

Then home and back out for a tiny bit more shopping and then over to friends Christy and Ken from Varnebank ( Cubar buddies and great friends!) for a drink, some cheese, and then dinner down on Shelter Island. Fabulous view from their house…

I just wanted to sit in a chair and look out all evening! 

But now – the evening is over, we are home, the wifi isn’t working properly so I can’t post this  yet again!

So it must be time for bed.