Back at La Paz, Penny Takes a Cooking Class

This morning I hopped on the shuttle with Kelly ( Corky Row) bright and early and we headed into town. Our destination was Nim, sister restaurant to Azul here at the marina. Both are wonderful restaurants,run by the same family .. and Kelly had arranged for some of us to take a cooking class. Nine of us gathered in the kitchen, and led by their fabulous chef Christina ( I think!) we were given recipes and instructions on how to make a meal. Really?? A Meal??? for like 50??? Beef meat balls in roasted tomato sauce, prawn ceviche, chicken enchiladas in tomatillo sauce, pulled pork on black beans on a sopa…. and flan. Oh and chicken taco soup. It was too much! all from scratch! Our teacher and chef was totally unflappable, as we chopped and listened and asked questions, and her sous chef checked pots ( of which there were many) and cleaned our chopping boards … it was a lot of fun and by noon we were all starving. 

She shooed us out of the kitchen, and we were led into the restaurant to sit down while they served us everything “we” had cooked.

It was as I suspected – way too much food. Some of us tasted and put aside, some of us couldn’t eat another bite and took most of it home, some of us ate each and every one. Lawrence benefited from my diminishing appetite and what I was able to collect in a doggy bag fed him a very nice lunch including dessert!

After lunch a few of us headed over to the Brown Cow, a small grocery store ( it ain’t no Walmart but it does the trick)… and stocked up on some supplies so we can hopefully make some of this food ourselves.

Now I need to sit down with the recipes and figure out what actually happened, there was so much activity … and so many ingredients… I can hardly wait to make some of them… and I can hardly wait to get back to the restaurant.