Isla San Fran.. still…

another night, another beautiful day. It is rolly in here but not terrible. Tom has finished the first coat of varnish on the portuegese  bridge, it looks gorgeous! Last night the  full moon rose in a ball of orange glory and of course I couldn’t get the camera to get a decent picture if my life depended on it. This morning I got up early and managed to get a picture of her setting. Almost as good! Today promises to be another hot one, so hopefully Lawrence and I will get out for a walk before it gets too much. Yesterday we took the Grady out to the point just before the wind and waves made it crazy, and managed to do some wonderful snorkelling … water a bit cloudy, so none of the go pro footage really turned out. Pity! But the number of different fish and the sheer numbers of fish were worth it. 

We have fish living under out boat – and when we chop up leftovers or skins ( I  hate seeing whole lemons and limes and such lying on the beach … they  go straight to the beach  when you dump them overboard and they don’t decompose quickly, so I like chopping things up fine)… and throw it overboard, we get a feeding frenzy from our buddies down below us.  Look like pirhanas! and they love melon!  Morning entertainment! 

We will stay here another day, as all weather reports indicate this is going to subside somewhat and it will be OK  tomorrow. Personally I can think of many worse places to be! I love this bay, and just jumping overboard when we get overheated is a treat. Hopefully tomorrow we will leave early and get to  La Paz, the guys will take the alternator out and hand it over to whomever is going to rebuild it for us, and there is a chance we will be back on the water in a few days.

Phyllis and I will take this opportunity to get Erika, our favourite laundress, to do some laundry for us, ( we have grown to love the smell of the soap they use at Costa Baja!!!!  ) and perhaps stock up a bit at the grocery store. Food aboard has not been a problem! The general consensus amongst all the crew is that there hasn’t been a bad meal. 

It will also be a good time to get rid of the garbage and the recycling – always an issue with boating. So several positive spins to having to head back… and we will turn around as soon as we can, so that is a good thing!

Looks like it’s time to get moving and do something a little more active…