It’s cold, it’s windy, and I have the fireplace on. Can I go back to La Paz now??

This is actually just an experiment, as I have finally reviewed the ‘how to’ videos that I couldn’t easily access while we were away ( lack of wifi and general laziness)… I figure if I can learn one thing new every day about the blog process I will have a good handle on it!  I read Duet’s blog this morning, specifically the article about the Cubar, and it kickstarted me into high gear … this is a great blog site and I need to figure it out before I subject all 12 fans to another couple of weeks of it, hopefully in April???

so… first lesson. Putting pictures where they belong.  I was happily downloading them but then they just ended up floating goodness knows where, as I hadn’t read the part about actually dragging them onto the Body of the article. frustrating for me, and kind of lame for people reading about the great things we were seeing but not being able actually enjoy the photos.  here goes.  

OK… a few of my favourite pictures… first off… La Paz.  It’s beautiful.  People are friendly. We didn’t experience any problems, people looking for handouts, children trying to sell you chiclets or paper flowers. It was a town you could become a part of, easily.. case in point… the number of expat everythings living there… and the ease with which brother Peter became part of the town, as he wandered about on his own looking for the perfect coffee shop or hues rancheros. 

A fish taco stand just down from the church and the bookstore drew us back several times. It was remarkable. I don’t think there was any meal I enjoyed more – well, maybe Diana’s soup… but this was a close one!

And then there is the cruising… Isla Espiratu Santu,and Isla Partida,  and the various bays that were unbelievably spectacular… 

snorkelling.. hiking..kayaking…swimming with the sea lions… everything you dream of when you plan a trip like this, and wonder if it is going to be as good as everyone says it is. To find that in fact it is even better – the light is different, the sea is clear, there is such a diversity of life, although there is also a plethora of death. We did not walk a single beach where there wasn’t a number of fish, including the ubiquitous puffer fish, or small feathery birds, or the skeleton of other larger mammals… littering the beach. It was unnerving, and odd. 

Life can be brutish and short… for some animals. For the turkey vultures, life is good.

One of the things we really wanted to do was to have lunch or breakfast  in a small fishing village palapa.. seemed like the thing to do when you are trying to experience everything! Unfortunately, when we arrived in San Evaristo, with the wind threatening to keep us there for a few days, the restaurant had run out of food and the owner had to go to La Paz to restock.  Luckily the tienda had just been restocked and we were able to get fresh vegetables, eggs, and such – so we didn’t starve.  We waited patiently, but on the last day there was still no sign of the owner and his sail ( he puts up a sail at 9 am to tell the yachtistas that breakfast is served).  Being of a more proactive bent, Sea Level actually went over to check it out and lo and behold.. BREAKFAST WAS SERVED!! 

We even got in some “mountain climbing”.. a good long uphill climb at Isla San Francisquito, Peter of course ran up and down ( on his own…) we scampered up a bit later… great place to get some wonderful Nordhavn shots! This place was ( I am running out of superlatives so make up your own). Just… just… paradise.

Northern Ranger is set up to fish.. we tried really hard… caught one little tuna that provided the gang with a wonderful taste ( thank heavens for the pangas and their lobsters!!) Next time, tunas and wahoos and dorados.. look out!!!

Back at Costa Baja… a few days for cleaning up and some more R and R by the pool. 

and of course the requisite “last supper” , where we all have a fantastic time, Christof gives a toast, we talk about what a fantastico time we had, toast our absent cruising buddies, and make wild and crazy plans for our next adventure together!

And then it was over! 

Another fabulous sunset, another Grand Adventure. 

And there.  I learn by doing, and I think , Ken Williams, I have figured something out! hopefully I remember it all next time I need to do it!!!! 

which will, with all good luck and fortune and blessings, be soon.