Just More Of The Same

This morning started with a light skiff of clouds obscuring the sun as it rose, but given an hour, now the sun has triumphed and we are basking in its beneficent warmth… at 745 am. 

Plans for today are obscure ( as they should be) although there has been some talk about swimming with the mommy and baby sea lions.  Hopefully no bulls are around, somehow that doesn’t sound like a lot of fun.  But happy little maternal units could be good. 

At this point I am just over the moon about the snorkelling here and can’t imagine anything better, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t another great adventure around the corner – so I believe we will be heading out of here for a northern spot ( Isla San Francisco ? of no see um fame?? hmmmm…. maybe not, guys…. I have seen NO bugs here that have caused me anxiety, although someone else has had at least two mosquito bites and a wasp sting, no one on this boat… obviously bugs like her more than us! so far~!~  touch wood!!!) 

But  meanwhile I think it’s time to pour another cup of coffee, cut some pieces of fresh baked banana bread and call that breakfast… and maybe just look around with my “artists eye” (hahahahahahahahaha) and find something worth pulling the paints out for.  two things:  one: that just means I”m going to sit and be lazy but pretend I am very busy thinking about something. and two: EVERYTHING here is a painting. No matter where I look, I see paintings. So it isn’t really all that hard!!!