photographs from the otherworld

I am going to just post some photos that were actually meant for the blog as we moved along, but with the one photo limit I couldn’t use them… and rather than do the hard thing and slot them into their appropriate posts, I am going to do the lazy thing because I really need to get out of the boat and help with the washing! besides, if someone sees a picture and wants to know more they can review the blog hahahahaha! bear with me…. hope this works….


Images from Agua Verde


Images from Isla Danzante, Honeymoon Bay


crown of thorns sea star.. don’t touch!


Slate pencil urchin…

Petal or flower urchin… very neat! usually they had shells all over them.. protection???

sergeant majors.. everywhere!

couldn’t find the name of this crab.. common but very shy!

Brown urchin

colony of brown pelicans…

small heron… not sure which???

snowy egret….


American oystercatchers


Heading south, ahead of the winds.. pretty calm way to travel! winds?? what winds!!!

sky says it all… change is coming…