San Evaristo

February 21

San Evaristo – We are anchored in the bay, snugged up to the shore because there isn’t room really anywhere else… sun has finally come out, but the wind is blowing stink and we are being blown around in circles .  I did a dinghy ride to shore with Sea Level crew, to explore and see if the restaurant was open… it was not.  However, the tienda was open and we were able to get some decent veggies!  There were the local dogs entertaining us as well – fishermen mending their nets… turkey vultures and seagulls fighting over the scraps of fish left over from the fishermen … we did a bit of shell hunting and then came back to the boats. Peter and I took the dinghy out to try our hand at fishing and I got to drive the bullfrog!!!! I LOVE my little boat… it is a lot of fun! We dragged a lure around for a while in the wind, and then gave up. I took us back over to the beach where the village is, and gave Peter a quick tour of the beach.  There was a beautiful green sailboat anchored there, and as we drove by, they waved at us…. as we headed back to Northern Ranger I decided to repay their friendliness and also practice my boat handling skills, and headed over to visit them.  Great decision! although they asked us aboard and we said no, we tied up and had a long chat with them. First of all, I love the name… Scoots… I am sure I have heard this name and am wracking my brain trying to remember why ??? but mostly, I love the backstory.  We are where they were a year and a half ago – they bought the boat, launched their kids, sold their house, and cruised down to Mexico.  And I have not seen two more relaxed, happy people in my life!  We are still trying to launch our kids, the house remains to be sold as soon as this holiday is over, and work still ties us to the lower mainland even if the house doesn’t.  When I grow up, I want to be JUST LIKE THEM!!! wait.. I do believe I am older than them… much….sigh….

So although the wind occasionally roars through the bay  and makes the hairs on my arms stand up, I have faith in the anchor (go Rocna!!!!)  it is sunny, it is pretty, and there is a chance we can have dinner and maybe even breakfast ashore tomorrow… if the owner of the palapa puts up the sail we know he is there… so all is good.

On this boat everyone is reading the same books.  Now Lawrence has picked up John Steinbeck Cruising Log from the Sea of Cortez,  and Peter is reading Christine Smith.. More Faster Backwards..… boat books abound here and most of them have a nautical theme. I am stuck on my cookbooks, and my spanish phrase books, and the guide to the birds of Mexico and North America. 

DInner is smelling delicious, I have made an effort to cook mexican every night and tonight it is chicken something or another… cheese, fried veggies… and look at that!  the satellite is up and working!  something else to think about!  SQUIRREL!!! ( if you know me, you know what this means)