Stuck? in Los Cabos??


No we have not dropped off the face of the earth.  Yes we were supposed to be bashing our way up north and all that exciting stuff… but we are not.

Several stars  have converged to keep us here at the marina at Puerto Los Cabo… San Jose del Cabo… which is not a bad place to be kept!

The most interesting  thing that keeps us here is the possibility in my mind  that perhaps maybe someone would actually prefer to buy a boat down here and keep it here, rather than find their “forever boat” up north and have to bring it down themselves. Just a thought.. and a good one… so yes, there is that chance…

The listing is up on Jeff Merrill’s site… who knows what miracles can happen? We are after all sitting in the marina under a rather grand steel cross that sits majestically up the hill. Maybe it will bring us luck!

We have also  missed the really really good weather window at the beginning of the month and as every day goes by, the ability to be where we need to be on the date we need to be there is lessened. Darned schedules!  We are getting closer and closer to not having any – but not exactly there yet.

And besides… this is the artistic hub of the area and I had a small taste of it yesterday when I was taken into town and wandered into  some of the galleries. I am excited about seeing more! This place is amazing!


                Shouldn’t be taking pictures of art, goes against the grain, but I loved this artists work – found the artists name:  Diego Luz…

                           reminded me of stuff our son does.

                                                                                    And of course, who doesn’t love a little Frida??

We did manage to snag a table at the Flores Farm to Table restaurant the other night, although it was a 9:00 pm seating… 

rather bumpy cab ride to and fro, but worth the trip. What started as a tiny market garden has become a rather large and exciting complex, with some fairly high end stores selling beautiful goods – and then there’s the kitchen. The restaurant itself is a glory at night, all twinkle lights and music and interesting patrons

( people watching is fabulous)  but it is the service and the food that takes it over the top. Fresh veggies and fruits, interesting combinations, home grown and cured meats, something for every carnivore, omnivore, and herbivore! I love it! Lawrence’s beet margarita was a hit, although for those who hate beets, that firsts taste of ” dirty beet” could be a turn off.  He felt very smug, as he felt he was imbibing in a very healthy drink!  and it was good…

My beets came in the form of a coal-roasted beet and goat cheese salad.  Fabulous!

There is a change in the town since we were here last, a year and a half ago. Then they were still reeling from Hurricane Odielle ( sp?) and cleaning up.  Now the frantic pace is brought about by construction – new buildings, improved roads, expanding hotels and resorts. I suppose change is inevitable and with Cabo San Lucas so close, it’s not hard to connect the dots and see the two towns almost joining. But at this point, talking to the locals, ( many condos around here with Canadians and Americans living la vida loca)  there is still a nicer slower vibe here, and a sense of community in the arts. And the town itself is lovely and charming. You remember where you are when you are driving around and pass a couple of horses just wandering by themselves on the median. 

                                           Hopefully I will have a chance to wander the streets myself a bit more thoroughly before we leave!!!

One of the changes is the creation of a large swamp ? marsh? looks like a jungle out there… where the town meets the beach. You could walk around town and down to the beach before – now it is a rather lovely but impassible waterway. All courtesy, I assume, of the last big hurricane.

So this is home for a few more days, all of which should be interesting for sure! Certainly can’t complain about the weather – it is hot and sunny;  although I do miss our pool at Costa Baja, if I really wanted I can walk to the beach.

One of the things we have enjoyed here at the marina is the outdoor art show – all along the walkway stand large bronze sculptures ( they were here before) and reproductions of the works of Eleanor Carrington, an Englishwoman who came to the area many years ago and created quite a name for herself as an artist. It’s a well done display and we enjoy wandering along reading her quotes and other people’s stories about her, and looking at her works.

                                                      Who can’t love an artist whose inspiration  comes from  the rich  food she eats!!!  My kind of Muse!

With the changes here at the little restaurants and bars, cooking our own meals  has become a  more attractive proposition, and besides, we have two weeks worth of food that was meant for travelling north – not sure what we will do with it all! Not sure we can go through all that STUFF!!

                                                                                                                     so this is it – 

At night, the cross lights up in  a rather spectacular way. And it seems every other night there are amazing fireworks from one of the resort hotels nearby – so all in all, I think being stuck in Los Cabos is not necessarily a bad thing!!!





                                                                                                and this critter agrees with me……..