sun sets…

noon, underway, leaving San Evaristo

The sail never went up! but not to worry – breakfast was served!!! Sea Level got proactive and went over to check it out, and sure enough, Lupe was cooking! We jumped in the bullfrog and tendered over, ready for food… Joe, the greeter for the day, introduced himself and welcomed us to the best little cantina on the coast! There was also a greeter of the feline persuasion, a tabby point with crazy blue crossed eyes, who attached himself to Kim and was particularly sweet!

We met two women who had stayed in the hostel in  La Paz, and decided to go camping together… very interesting, one from Holland and one from Northern California… one in her probably early twenties and one in her probably late forties… good travelling companions and I am sure there are lots of adventures in their future! For now they are camped in their little tents on the beach in front of Lupe’s , making friends with the local dogs and enjoying the food at the restaurant, planning whale watching trips and who knows what else.  What a life!

we had huevos rancheros, Lupe was a magnificent host, and breakfast was delicious. Afterwards we did a  little shopping, as there were a few handcrafted items for sale –  just perfect for the kind of things we like to bring back.

When we to back to Northern Ranger, the wind had shifted and we were in 11 feet of water, just spitting distance to the shore. We could actually see the reef fish swimming under our keel..good thing it’s time to go! 

Now we are underway, the stabilizers are out and Peter is on the back deck deploying the fishing  rods.  We are hoping that the huge tuna we saw surfacing on our way in, as we were bringing in our lines, is still here!!!!  wouldn’t that be something!!!

In any event, even a small something or other for dinner tonight would be gratefully accepted and much appreciated.

1800 – anchored in a new bay… Puerto Ballenas..…Ensenada de la Raza..

sun is setting in a blaze of glory, we had a roughish ride down but it settled as we got into the lee of the big island.  Now it is windy but calm. We are in 30 feet of water maximum, but still a long way to shore so no snorkelling to the beach for me! The cliffs alongside us are spectacular, just columns of straight rock right down to the sea – pretty place. Not sure how long we will stay here, and not sure how much exploring we will do! but it’s a change of pace!

Who knows what tomorrow will hold!!!