The Cubar has Ended… let the Holiday begin!


Cubar is over.. officially…

We arrived in Costa Baja with holas and waves from our friends on the outside dock but no other fanfare.. it was like coming home! Our new slip assignment is right beside our old one, but this time there is a boat right next to us. He has told us he is more nervous than we are… I think he’s a new boater. Hopefully no one will hit anyone coming in or out, but there is no chance of a larger slip so hopefully everyone learns how to come in and out with no accidents!

We have had the final dinner at Steinbecks, the hotel restaurant here in Costa Baja. We missed our fellow Cubaristas who have headed for PV, or gone home early, but it was a jolly evening nonetheless… fabulous food and some speeches…and hugs all round.. and that was it.

Yesterday Val and I went into town with Kim from Sea Level who had a rental car, and we did our provisioning for the next few weeks. I gave Val the job of putting things away, after I realized I was having a panic attack trying to figure out where everything could go in an already full boat. She is a wizard …. as long as I don’t touch anything from now on , she remembers where it all is when I ask her. She is going to have to draw me a map when she leaves!

After breakfast ( fresh papaya, banana, and mexican pastries) Lawrence went back into town with Cam, and once he returns and we get our park passes and one fishing license for Bill, we are good to go! Off to the islands… Thanksgiving dinner with a group on Thursday, we are all prepared and ready – going to be a lot of fun! Turkey and stuffing, veggies, and three count them three pies!!! heavens!

Val and Bill have to be brought back by Saturday, so it will be a quick trip and hopefully the weather will be good. Although –

the ride from Muertos to La Paz was probably about as bad as we have seen it, lots of very unhappy boaters out there. Ten foot head seas tend to make our boat crash ( bulbous bow) – although the worst that happened inside is some binders full of papers fell from the book shelf, I had totally forgotten to re-stow them. Other boats fared a bit worse, as everything that could fall or be flung did go flying. It was pretty rough, not every boat is as heavy as the Nordhavns, so I imagine there was a lot of rockin’ and rollin’. Northern Ranger II handled it like a pro, albeit a noisy one. So hopefully that is as bad as it gets. Fingers crossed – we know it can get windy in the Sea of cortez at winter so with any luck at all we will have a few days of low winds while we are showing the crew around!