three more sleeps!!! Feb 9, 2016

It’s February 6 and we are only days away from our first “holiday” on Northern Ranger in the Sea of Cortez. We are looking at the weather with hopeful eyes, wishing for calm seas and winds, so we won’t be tied to the dock for two weeks waiting for a window of opportunity.  Best case scenario – we arrive Friday, provision Saturday and Sunday, crew member and twin bother  Pete flies in and joins us Saturday – and we will untie the lines and go looking for fish, a quiet bay, some good snorkeling – and maybe things like whales, turtles, and other forms of wildlife.  Meeting up with other boating friends would be a huge perk, and we hope to find Duet and Colibri and maybe a few others on our travels.  Sea Level II will be out and about with us too – so whatever happens, we plan on having good times. All this is happening while we are also making a move towards.. making a move. We have decided to put our house on the market and usher in the next phase of our life, the one where we are a couple of vagabonds/ pirates living the Jimmy Buffet life, floating around southern waters and living off the sea.  Well, anyway, sounds good on paper, but meanwhile – still working here! but selling the house is the first step. So while chaos continues at the house, we will slip away and take a break from painters and contractors and decisions. We are all vibrating we are so excited – and I know my twin is about as excited as we are! Not only that, but we get to celebrate our Valentine’s Day birthday together for the first time in probably 50 years!!!!