Twelve Hours and Counting!

Tonight we hop on a plane for Mexico City and then La Paz – trying out a new route for getting to the boat that cuts out the bus ride from Cabo… long trip and costs … we shall see how we fare with leaving at 1100 pm and arriving in La Paz in the morning. 

Best scenario – arrive tomorrow morning, check out the boat, clean up and take stock, and then head into town for provisioning. We will only be on the water 7-9 days, so certainly we don’t need a lot of food, and for the most part we will probably be alone – and with any luck maybe we will even catch a fish!  or two!! 

When we come back, it will be time to put the boat “to bed” for the summer.  We aren’t sure how this will go – leaving her for the summer months is a bit weird. Usually that’s Cruising Time!!! But Baja summers are too hot, and hurricanes happen… so hopefully Northern Ranger will be happily tied to a dock, we will have taken everything off that may not survive the heat… and she will be ready to go later in the fall. 

Meanwhile – we are also packing up getting ready to leave our home of 25 years – when we come back, it’s crunch time, finish packing up everything that’s left and the movers come 24th 25th and we will become renters in Kitsilano. Pretty excited, actually, a year in the city, close to funky shops and foody restaurants and really just a bike ride away from English Bay. After that, we will take stock and decide what our next adventure is.  With a boat in Mexico, and a cabin on the lake near 100 Mile, and a camper thrown into the mix… who knows where we will go???? But first, of course, someone has to retire, or at least semi-retire… he can always just be a cel-phone call or a computer conference away if need be. 

Back to packing… and ironing…and last minute gardening ( why??? this won’t be my garden anymore!!!) then bye bye… adios…. and ola La Paz!!!