A day in San Everisto

November 21.. as predicted, everyone had a decent sleep, although there was some anchor watching and depth sounding .. rose to a spectacular sunrise, just in time to get some great photos.

Breakfast – then we headed out in the Grady for some fishing. Weather looking OK, nothing too horrific, and this is a chance to do some exploring as well as throw some lines in the water for a while.

First order of business… go over to the Lagoon in behind Bahia Amortajada, on Isla San Jose. There we explored the mangroves in the Grady, looking ( unsuccessfully ) for turtles… and then came out and checked out the beach by the abandoned salt mine from the water. Had a little swim ( lovely) and then put the lines in the water and headed out. We dragged those lines for almost four hours.. had one debatable strike, saw some interesting bait balls, watched two frigates fight over a fish fifty feet in the air… but came back to Northern Ranger with no fish. RATS!

Had a quick light lunch and then just hung out on the boat. Phyllis was determined to make chocolate cake so we dug out the ingredients and attended to that task. Dinner tonight will be fish that Karen gave us ( thank heavens they are good fishermen) salad and cake. Doesn’t get much better than that!

We see that whereas yesterday the town was empty, except for the roosters and the dogs, today there are lots of people, adults and kids  playing on the beach.  There is a volleyball game going on, and lots of general hilarity. Pangas come and go, but none of them are offering us fish! One driver was bent over his engine, large bottom facing us, as his boat ( not a panga???) headed determinedly in our direction. We were all calling out OLA!!! hoping he would hear and turn around before hitting us as we are just a big sitting duck. Luckily he glanced up just in time and the look of horror on his face showed us he had no idea he was in imminent danger of impaling his boat on Northern Ranger. Whew…  missed us by THAT much!

The clouds have gathered around us, the wind is flukey, it is still warm but we are getting a few spit of rain once in a while. Not enough to get out and wash the boat, unfortunately. That would be lovely.

Anyway, I see it is after five.. which means in 25 minutes it will be dark, the volleyball game on the beach will probably end, and we will soon be tucking into double double chocolate rum cake ( well, after some salad and fish of course). 

Life is short.. once in a while… eat dessert!!!  and make it chocolate!!

Later: the people on the beach are not kids they are fishermen having a good time.. as the sun sets, more hilarity – and the sunset is spectacular. Also there is enough rain up there to create a complete rainbow. What a magical evening!

November 22 – up early, all hands at work to make ready to up anchor and leave… porridge and coffee for breakfast, and we are gong by 7:30. What a good crew! Heading south, to Partida Grande, so we can spend a day or two relaxing if the weather really kicks up, and we are close to home port. Another great day – as Phyllis says, we woke up on the right side of the water again!