San Everisto… when life hands you limes, make margueritas

After a loud night ( weddings, revolution day celebration, and the 3:00 a.m. leave-taking of the sport fisher across the dock,) we had a chance to get away from Costa Baja and head North. Warm, relatively calm, and a good run – we arrived in San Everisto as the sun set, in time to show our guests the town from the water.  Tomorrow we will explore a lot more with the Grady, and hopefully fish as well. This will be as far north as we get, as the weather is being a bit temperamental. We will spend tomorrow here and the next day we will head back down to Isla Esperitu Santu, and get ourselves closer to home, so that when the wind kicks up we will be able to get the guests back to the dock and close to the airport! What can I say – boating is always ephemeral, you never take anything for granted, and you take every day out as a gift. 

Karen from Daybreak loaded us up with more veggies before they boarded their plane and headed home, so we have lot of food ( as well as a few packages of frozen Mahi….hooray!) so we aren’t going to starve.

North or south, the Sea of Cortez is beautiful and I am just happy to be away from the concrete of the marina and out where the wind can cool us down a bit. Although I don’t feel that cool right now!!!! however it’s dark so won’t be jumping into the water anytime soon!

Tomorrow morning it will be huevos rancheros at the tienda… yum…. but meanwhile it’s leftover beef and chicken tacos and our tipple of choice. And I think an early bed, as sleep was a non-event last night ( mexican version of achey breaky heart at 12:00… followed by two and a half hours of mariachi/rave/ooompah music… sleep is not possible….) … life is good at sea! as always!