Costa Baja…happy place indeed

Costa Baja… first full day- lots to get done and fun to be had. We got up early and did some work before it got too hot.. like, 9:00 a.m. … then walked up the hill to the golf club for breakfast. Breathtaking walk ( literally) and breathtaking view. Also saw some cool critters in the shrubbery on the way up – real stick bugs in their real environment.  ( remember the kids teachers at Dixon raising stick bugs in the classroom..oddest insect ever!) There was a skinny green sticky thing on the ground, which I noticed first… tiny ants crowding around it ( dinner!) I pointed it out to the others…. and then found its mate on the tree above it.  Apparently stick bugs behead their husbands after they have outlived their usefulness… or at least, that is what it seemed like!  Anyway, pretty amazing creatures. Mrs. Stickbug was pretty zaftig, and Mr.  Stickbug was … sticklike. Interesting. We finished our walk and arrived at the golf club ready for a shower! Thank heavens for air conditioned washrooms! Stood under the cool air for a few minutes until our core temperature lowered enough for us to have a cup of coffee…


The view was amazing, overlooking Costa Baja and all of La Paz. The food was good, and it was interesting to be sitting in a Gary Player Golf Course in Mexico… essentially surrounded by desert.  However, all the water that keeps the greens green is recycled from the hotels around them. 

More chores after breakfast ( we took the fast way home and accepted the offer of a shuttle down to our boats)… and then Kim and Cam took us out for a quick spin around the bay, as they wanted to make sure all systems were go, so to speak, before the family descended upon them. It was lovely out there, enough wind to keep us cool! We were tempted to jump in the water but opted for the swimming pool, which we hit as soon as the lines were tied. ( I know, I know, it’s a tough life but someone has to… blah blah blah)…

swim, a marguerita, and then back to the boat to await our guests. Of course it’s never as easy as it should be, so I am sitting here right now hoping they have made all their connections and found a taxi driver who can get them here without any knowledge of Spanish on their part or English on his. We shall see..

The boat is clean, the camper is ready, and we are looking forward to having friends on board for the next few weeks! 

10:32.. just came back to the boat after dinner, Tom and Phyllis arrived in good spirits after a very long day of travel.  It’s hard coming into a new country in the dark when everyone speaks another language… but instructions were clear and their taxi driver got them through the Malecon and down to our marina… eventually. We had a lovely dinner here at one of the restaurants, food was great, wine was good- now they are in our spare room ( aka the camper) which is nice and cosy and not full of stuff. Tomorrow we will clear out the second bedroom on the boat and hopefully soon we will be able to untie lines and clear the surly bonds of earth etc etc etc… after water maker is fixed and other things are done.

We are SO going to have a good time! but now it’s time for bed!