Done Deal!

                                                         Soon to be Northern Ranger II at her spot in Chula Vista!


Last night in San Diego… I would be sad except we have another big adventure ahead of us ( bring Northern Ranger I up from La Paz… that constitutes a BIG adventure!!!).. we have accomplished a lot with the help of some very clever people … Jeff Merrill who  made it all happen… Gale and Mary Plummer who  provided us with the  perfect boat that tipped the scales and gave us the opportunity to take the plunge… Bob Senter who as usual provided guidance and advice and fabulous baking.. he is always welcome aboard!  Steve D’Antonio spent two days quietly and thoroughly checking out every nook and cranny on this boat…

           I call this one Boom.  I don’t know why… I just love how nonchalant Lawrence is walking away from the boat hanging from that huge lift….

                                                                 The lads… hanging out…

Look up….. way up…..

Pretty beautiful sailboat with Wyland Whales on her… wow!

Out in the harbour… pretty busy…. interesting race between a sailboat (small) and a power boat (big)… may have been some discussion about right of way but it ended amicably.  Big Boat Won.


I have found someone to change the name for us ( Sea Monster… what a great name for a company!!! ) and someone to look into reupholstering the boat

( sometimes  you need to do something to really make the boat your own… Forever boat… ) 

Tomorrow we have another person flying in to do measurements that will give us the official tonnage that we need for our re-registration as a Canadian Boat…and then we fly home.  I hope to either use up or freeze the food left in the refrigerators. The boat has been cleaned, stainless has been polished, laundry has been done ( and I tell you, having a washing machine and a dryer that both work well is a huge bonus!!!!) I hope to sit down with my list from Jeff and  get myself really acquainted with the systems… plan is to take pictures and then match them up with the list. Sounds like fun.. although a long walk and some  yoga on the front deck sounds good too.

I know  we could have been happy with our N46 … but the N5017 is going to help us realize our dreams and further our adventures with a little more room ..

and judging by how she behaved during our sea trials…  a bit more speed and some great economy. 

Having her here in San Diego until we leave on the Cubar is going to give us the opportunity to do what needs to be done, and to really get to know the boat.

Our own summer home in San Diego – how good is that???

It’s hard to see our travelling companions moving on – but this is the right boat for us, and we will be able to catch up!  Depending on where they go… and where we go…that’s what makes it fun, mon!!!