La Paz – Getting Ready

we arrived at the marina a few days ago and I have to confess it was with a little pang that we came down the dock to see Northern Ranger I waiting for us.  I had to give her lots of love and tell her it wasn’t her, it was us…and someone will fall head over heels and whisk her off on new adventures! 

But seriously, when we stepped on board we were , like, ‘oh yeah, this is why we fell in love”… but the lure of a little more room and a little more speed are strong. We don’t doubt our decision one bit. Too bad we couldn’t just magically stretch the 46 and turn her into a 50!

So now the work begins and we have started getting ready to untie and leave for northern waters.. basically re-tracing the Cubar route back. Several long hops would get us to Ensenada in something like six days? but factor in weather and who knows what will happen.  Later this week we will talk to Omni Bob the Weather Guru who will prognosticate for us.. THEN we will have a really good handle on what is in store for us. We can check our various weather apps too, and download the weather maps…hopefully everything will point to a relatively benign couple of weeks.  But I strongly doubt it. That’s just me, though. The Optimistic half of this team is in “what, me worry?” mode.  ( not really, he just pretends)… we do have almost a month to get ‘er done, though.  That just means I have to really stock up in case we are stuck in some remote bay without a Costco at hand and the pangas aren’t offering lobster. With any luck at all I will catch a fish or two. 

One of my quirky personality traits ( nice word for saying obnoxious habits) is that I hate re-dos. Once I have gone  somewhere or done something, I hate to have to re-trace my steps or re-do what I have done.  So the thought of  back tracking up the coast should be making me crazy. However, because for the most part we missed everything coming down ( due to inclement weather  and having to keep up to the rest of the pack) I feel quite happy to spend a little more time on the way back. With the caveat of course that if the weather says go, within reason ( i.e. we have had a bit of sleep and feel we are ready) we go. I am especially looking forward to spending a day and a night in Muertos Cove – it looked fantastic when we arrived on the way here, but it was a late arrival and an early departure. We may even get a chance to enjoy the restaurant there, I hear it’s great! Spending more time in San Jose del Cabos is always attractive, we did get “stuck” there last time for a number of days and I know for a fact I can entertain myself, waiting for the weather window.

After that – well, all bets are off.  


And besides – travelling up the coast – we are making our way back to the N50 awaiting us in San Diego!  Just… don’t tell Northern Ranger I…