Friday! Let the Games Begin!

Friday in Petersburgh

The sun rose! and it stayed there! it is sunny and warm and this place is hopping! So  many Norhavns coming in, I can’t keep track.  Imagine this – seven 46’s???  I have to carry around a cheat sheet to remember names. I  keep pointing to my chest to show people I too have a 46, it must look odd. Why is that woman pointing at her chest, honey ? it’s nothing spectacular??? anyway… I will have to stop doing that.  My hair covers the name and picture of the boat anyway.

I need a hat with Northern Ranger on it… I’ll have to work on that.

A quick tour of the tour of the town early this morning found the Worlds Best Cinnamon Buns, and yes, Bill Cosman, it is true.

Later on Denis and I went grocery shopping and I picked up some wine for the cellar ( there is indeed a cellar on Teka II! ) pretty neat. Met up with more people and I am just blown away by how many owners and boats and Nordy people have showed up.  Good job on the organizing crew – this should be a great weekend.  And so far the weather is more than cooperating!

I am so wishing Lawrence were here, because even with the little conversation I have had with whoever I have met, I see stories in real time – much more exciting than reading about it on a blog. And some reunions … “We met in the Caribbean 15 years ago”.. that kind of thing.  Cruisers who have done it all… just incredible. That’s what this is all about though. sharing stories… and making new ones!