It’s 1030 and it’s still light. welcome to Alaska….

We had a wonderful first evening, appies at the Norwegian Hall – beautifully arranged by the organizing committee and we were welcomed by the mayor and the marina office…treated like royalty! Great food (boaters know how to do sundowners) and lots of great conversations. I cannot believe the amount of boating experience here. Have I said that before ?am I repeating myself???? it bears repeating.  The 2016  Alaskan Nordhavn Rendezvous is a fantastic place to meet and greet new and old boaters and I am so happy to be a part of this! Talk about picking people’s brains….. where to go??? what to see??? do you want to talk about Alaska? the Caribbean? Mexico???? the Med? the South Pacific???? there is someone here who will talk your ear off and fill you full of information on all of this stuff.  Wish I had the brain power to assimilate it all!!!  meanwhile all I can do is have sticky notes attached to my phone and keep filling in information and collecting boat cards and hoping I can remember it all down the road.