Good Morning Costa Baja!

it is an absolutely beautiful morning, we are up and ready to start our day!  Last night was an amazing evening, dinner out with the gang at El Rustico ( highly recommended by several different people ) for several boat worths of friends, new and old! Sea Level II (N 60), Relish, (N60), Daybreak (N60), Colibri, (N50)… it was a Nordy evening, and a fitting way to wish some of them Bon Voyage as they move out to the South Pacific, (Daybreak)  and Costa Rica (Relish)…

good food, good wine, great people… afterwards Christopher and Diana ( Colibri) and Lawrence and I and Peter walked back down to the Malecon, (as they were returning to Marina de la Paz), and enjoyed the end of the carnaval. We are amazed and pleased at the lack of small outstretched hands begging us to buy their chicklets.  All the children we saw, and we saw many at the festival, were with their moms and dads , having an absolute ball, enjoying themselves as a family. La  Paz seems to be growing on us, just as we were told it would – beautiful people, beautiful food, beautiful city. 

while we were walking around yesterday, doing our shopping and looking for a bookstore, we found a fish taco stand that someone had told Lawrence about. The fact that we were the only gringoes made us think it was going to be good, that and the cars pulling up, grabbing tacos to go, and leaving… we ordered, paid, and lined up for our tacos (make mine camarones)… found a table… and were catapulted to fish taco heaven!!! 

grocery shopping has been a piece of cake, as long as we have a taxi or an accommodating friend ( thank you Ken and Christie, off of Varnebank, for driving three of us and all of our bags of groceries in your little car! )… we have been able to find absolutely everything we need or want.  My problem is my eyes are bigger than my fridges. We are only here for… oh dear… 13 more days! We had better start eating now!