Another beautiful day in ….

Peter has arrived!  And it was a miracle in organization. Well, maybe it was just good dumb luck.  No, it was good planning. He touched down in Cabo, got on the bus… drove through Baja dropping various passengers off.. and arrived in La Paz at the bus station just as Lawrence and I walked up .  I had worried myself kind of crazy as I hadn’t heard from him, so we left our buddies and walked to the station, which was actually a lot of fun as it was the last night of carnival, so we were treated to the sights and sounds and smells of a lot of people having fun… so it was pretty amazing when, just as I was thinking ” how the heck are we going to find him and wouldn’t it be funny if that gringo standing there with his bag was him”  when the gringo waved… and we were reunited! A short walk to find the taxi, and we were back at the boat.Happy reunion! 

We introduced Pete to some more of our boating friends.. Kim fed him pizza..another glass of wine .. and that was it. I put away what few provisions I managed to get yesterday, ( twelve blocks to the shop, and the realization afterwards that the cabbage and salsa and cheese all add up to about 50 pounds of groceries… time to call a taxi!! )

So more shopping today, some chores, some walking around town looking for shops that are open- dinner tonight at a restaurant that has been highly recommended to us by at least four people ( Italian??? really??? should be good!!) and it’s already warm, and certainly it’s sunny.  Pete is putting on his shoes and going walkabout ( it’s what he does…he doesn’t stay put much).. all in all for us Westcoasters living in the rainforest… another day in paradise!