Well, I am certainly grateful for days like this! I promised I wouldn’t write again until we started out in the GWB on our trip North…. but hey – I’m allowed to change my mind.

Last night we spent a delightful afternoon/evening with the OTHER Talbott’s ( n/b the two t’s) from Tororontto… on board their gorgeous N63 Piredmus… They were part of the Cubar last year, but we hadn’t had a tour yet and I have to say, she is one beautiful ship! Tim and Michelle are rightfully proud of the great job they did on designing the perfect boat for their needs. Storage! storage! storage! and a walk around upright and don’t hit your head engine room. Not to mention just a real pretty boat inside and pretty darn shiny and new outside. Not that I am jealous ( it’s OK Northern Ranger we love you best!!!! ) but…..

I also had a chance to meet up with the owners of a large lovely sailboat who have “been there done that” all the way to the South Pacific and back. And why did they come back??? because although the South Pacific was fantastic, the Sea of Cortez is special. Great stories, looking forward to hearing more, specifically the ones about cruising down the Mexican mainland coast. Already started dreaming of La Cruz and parts further south! Although we have been thwarted in our efforts to see more of the Sea, and I know that there are special places up north waiting for us to explore. Hopefully, though, the future will see us executing a passage south, as we don’t want to become too comfortable here and be one of those boats ten years later… not that there is anything wrong with that!!!! Just more to see…more to explore…

After dinner with Tim and Michelle and a relatively early bedtime, we actually slept in.. until 7!!! woohoo! and.. we woke up to wishing we had put the comforter on. Winter comes to Costa Baja – 17 degrees outside ( I know, LOL! LMAO! WINTER?????)   I threw the down comforter over Lawrence so he could enjoy a few more minutes of warmth, and checked up on the great outdoors. If only I was quicker! The security guard was doing his rounds wearing a large toque, winter coat, winter gloves, and winter boots. He moved out of my camera range too quickly but I sure enjoyed watching him. Guess the locals’ blood is a lot thinner than ours. He must have thought we Canadian Gringoes are crazy, wandering around in shorts, sandals, and shirt sleeves.

However the sun warms everything up pretty quickly, so by 10:00 he was back in his whites and jaunty pith helmet. 

Now we have spent the day just puttering on board NRI – I have dusted the inside of the camper, and have started plotting where I am going to put STUFF that is going home. And then organizing that same STUFF in the boat so that when I am ready I can transfer it. That and food – we have to eat for 7 days while we are on the road, so at some point I have to do another fairly good shopping. But first we have to clean out the fridge and freezer of leftover food from the boat trip.

The laundry is probably ready, Lawrence is downstairs vacuuming something ( I think he is revamping the guest cabin getting rid  of an extraneous computer and monitor to make more room for the printer).. time to take a few bags to the camper and pick up the (  maybe ) last load of clean clothes. Edging closer to Pool Time – we didn’t go  yesterday

( much more enjoyed hanging out on Piredmus!) but I think  a snack by the pool is in order. 

So unless something ELSE fun and exciting happens that’s it.