Winding Down in La Paz

We had just deposited Tom and Phyllis at the bus terminal in La Paz and have returned to an empty boat! A clean boat! A boat that is in better condition than when we arrived, mechanically as well as cosmetically, thanks to Tom and Phyllis! They laughed and asked us about our “back of the head party” we would be having tonight – I guess that’s what they do in the Bahamas when the guests leave. None of that here! They were great guests, and we certainly kept Tom busy in the engine room ( and Phyllis busy in the kitchen) so no one was bored.

It was a great holiday – too bad we couldn’t show them as much of the Sea of Cortez as we would have liked, but that is boating. It all worked out and they saw some of our favourite places so it’s all good.

And of course we always enjoyed our evenings by the pool – always something to see and people to talk to, and aside from the bitey bugs that got to us once the sun went down ( at 5:30… weird.. never get used to that)… a wonderful place to end our day.

Now we are relaxing a bit and working a bit. Camper needs packing and readying for Phase 3 of Larry and Penny’s excellent adventure, the Overland Version part Two. Kayaks have been put away until next time ( three weeks from now, to be exact… right after Christmas).

We leave  here Friday, so there are a few days to relax and also to visit boating friends. Hopefully another day in La Paz is in order – we have put the Grady back on the trailer so it will have to be by bus ( driving the truck and camper around is a bit of a difficult task).

We had a wonderful evening with Christy and Ken the other night, and their kids and grandkiddly – but now they have to leave to go home and hopefully bring their boat back down here  before Christmas. Adventurous souls! 

The weather is changing somewhat – this morning it was almost cool. However, that quickly changes as the wind drops and the sun is high in the sky – I am sitting beside the camper ( to catch the good wifi) up in the parking lot thinking I may move my chair into the shade. The local security guards and other various and sundry workers like to hang out in the shade of the truck, they will miss it when we go! 

It’s been a great trip, although broken up by engine troubles, but I am looking forward to heading home ( maybe not into the weather up north but after all, it is winter). 

Signs of Christmas around La Paz reminds me that the season is near, hard to think about when the bougainvillaea is in riotous bloom and the coconut palms are growing lush and green. 

So unless something totally exciting happens, I will sign off for a few days and return to regular programming while we are on the road. This time, we know what to expect through the Baja – but we are a bit unsure ( in my case nervous) about what we will find once we get through Southern California. Snow and Ice aren’t on my wish list until I am safely home! 

And then you can bring on winter all you like!

Because pretty soon, I will be back here.. hopefully I will do a better job of inflating my kayak and keeping it inflated.. but I will be out in it!