Isla Partida…. I think that is where we are!

We had a wonderful calm and sunny trip over to Isla Partida, and we are now in Caleta Partida.  We arrived and dropped our anchor in a gorgeous green … bay … Peter and I jumped in the water as soon as the engine was turned off… we fished…we saw a turtle…we snorkelled.. and then we dinghyed to shore to explore with the Kemps and the Vincents from Sea Level II… afterwards we dinghyed around and checked out the geography and geology of the area. Who knew??? this is a collapsed caldera. Cool!  something to do with volcanoes. anyway, it is gorgeous. 

It is a beautiful, sheltered, green and blue and orange ( such amazing colours) bay.

OH, by the way. We caught NO fish on the way over, but when peter was casting, he caught a lovely fish.  However, by the time we had decided it was something we could eat, it had released itself out of boredom. So we may starve on this trip, we aren[t sure.  The local pangas aren’t coming up with lobster or shrimp or fish to sell…. ah well.

So here we are.. after a few years of planning, and some long wonderful journeys down ( legs, Peter says) we are HERE!!! and HERE is quite wonderful!