OK Time To Get This Show On The Road

although this is a VERY beautiful marina, it is losing its appeal…I think that the last trip into town has been (unsuccessfully) made..(the super deluxe water filter system that we had decided to buy ended up not being available until next week…. pity)…. Peter and I pumped up the kayaks though and had a very successful inaugural paddle.  They are great! Super comfortable, although unlike my REAL kayaks, I don’t think I’d be crossing rough water with them.  But for our intents and purposes, they are perfect.  Also don’t think I will be catching fish in them either… between the prospect of a stray hook in the tube and trying to dispatch the fish in my usual violent manner ( fish bonker)… don’t think it would work.  But they are great… totally happy with them, and now we are ready to head out and see how they work in some deserted bay.

Unfortunately by the time Lawrence gets back to the boat this afternoon it will be too late to head out, so Peter has taken his book and gone to the beach… where maybe a little snack , a cervesa, and perhaps a nap awaits him.  We may join him later… I have vacuumed!  I have cleaned!!!  I have done a load of laundry!!!!  I have even thought about food for dinner!!!!!  whew, I’m exhausted.  LOL…

We are not sure if we even will be connected to anything remotely resembling world wide web…with an unresponsive satellite system… so if it looks like I have dropped off the face of the earth, I haven’t.  Hopefully.  It just means we are anchored in some wonderful bay somewhere, enjoying ourselves, eating fresh fish, and snorkelling .  I will  have to catch up when I get back to civilization and confirm whether or not this is true!!!