Last Work Day! We Hope!

Really hot  day, with lots to do – it looked as though a storm was going to come through, huge thunderclouds and wind picked up, but nothing came of it. 

It is getting harder and harder to find jobs for our guests to do! too hot to wax or varnish, so we are reduced to having Tom organize fishing gear, as he  has had lots of experience with the bigger fish and different fishing style. We also put our collective heads together to figure out a way to bring more cooling air around the refrigerators.  Kind of hard work for the poor things to stay cold when it’s 90 degrees out. We had taken out the Perlick drawer fridge/ freezer units originally in the galley, because they were just not dependable. We replaced them with two Isotherm fridge/freezer drawer units which are almost exactly the same size. However, it is a tight squeeze and there is little or no air flow to both of them. Perhaps why the Perlicks failed? Don’t want these to fail as they are really good refrigerators…and up north, it probably wouldn’t be a problem. But here??? Talk about getting a workout! So we opted to take a louvred panel off the one side in the hallway down the stairs,  which was restricting air flow; and actually taking the bottom drawer in the galley out which provided air flow. Seems to be working, everyone agrees the waters from the fridges are cooler! Let’s hope that helps them when we are out and about. Worst nightmare? I am torn between losing refrigeration or losing water maker.  We  need a long term solution for the problem, which may entail drilling holes ( Tom was excited about that one, but Lawrence doesn’t have a hole saw and wasn’t keen on having lots of little holes drilled somewhere deep in the bowels of the cupboards of the galley.  It may happen, just not yet.

Eventually also took the Grady into La Paz, deposited the STUFF on Christof’s and Diana’s boat – then walked into town for fishing gear and some sanding / varnishing equipment. One of the high points of the day was having lunch, where we finished the mahi  mahi that Karen and Jerome had given us last night and we had barbecued. Made it into fish tacos… wow… brilliant!  We sure hope we can catch some this trip, ( hence the new hook ups that Tom is busy working on right now).

Sitting around now, having a very refreshing beer ( it’s light!!! yummy!) and planning to go out for dinner.  We have every intention of getting away from the dock tomorrow and we are looking so forward to exploring! Hope no more storms come out to play…..