Still in La Paz….

Buenos Tardes..

The day after the world stood still..

The sun still rose, the world is still turning. But we are far away from the madness and will continue to put our heads in the sand until such time as we head that truck North and pray that all is quiet in the USA. I’m sure it will be.

But meanwhile… another sunny day, another day of chores under out belts – although Phyllis and I had the opportunity to accompany Karen and her friend Bronwyn into town so Phyllis could explore La Paz in the daylight. Perfect! little bit of shopping, lots of walking, and some great fish tacos in a nice local restaurant. Picked up a few more bottles of wine, including some Argentinian white that an older gentleman  insisted on telling us about in his Spanish, as he is Argentinian….followed us around and pointed out the good wines.. very sweet. We shall see about his choice!

Back to the boat, we had a few more things to do ( Phyllis begged me to vacuum… had to give in and let her do it)… 

We now have totally full freezers thanks to Daybreak – I asked for a bit of fish and got lots of great stuff! We will not have to reprovision again – hope we don’t catch too many fish. wait, what??

Will we leave tomorrow? chances are good that won’t happen. The  big stuff seems to   be done, and the  Grady White is in the water which is good. However, actually being ready to slip the (new beautiful white!)  lines seems a bit far fetched.  I think we will leave tomorrow for cleaning up, finishing up, and maybe one last dinner at a restaurant here at the hotel… and then off to Isla Partida for a night or two, swim with some Sea Lions, snorkel, swim, kayak…. enjoy.