Leaving warm springs cove

We have been cruising and parking for a few days now – every anchorage we go in seems to be more beautiful than the last. Cannery Cove was spectacular… then Red Bluffs was absolutely breathtaking… and now Warm Springs Cove seems to be the epitome of grandeur and beauty.  Each one is dominated by the massive mountains, iced over with glaciers and snow, looming above them. The weather has been decent – some rain ( we had a lay day in Red Bluffs)… but mostly slight high overcast and even sunshine!

The whale show has been non stop, moms with calves that made us dodge and dart back and forth because they are very slow to get out of the way.

No great fishing for us, but we have heard rumours of others doing well. The Nordhavn group all caught halibut in Portland Cove? their first night away from Petersburg. We opted to go to Cannery Cove and unfortunately didn’t have that kind of luck! Ah well….

HOpefully in Tenekee we will get crab, unless the crab don’t cooperate!