Sunday Night… a new adventure begins tomorrow!

Today was the last day of the official rendezvous, and it was busy! I had to get myself to the bakery/cafeby 0830 to pick up the cinnamon buns for the Captain and the Admiral- they weren’t ready but yesterday’s were, so I picked up the first four, chatted to Peter for a while, and then hoofed back to the boat to deliver breakfast. It seemed that they tasted better yesterday! but they were  still good. Then back into town because I had to pick up a few groceries, and hustle back to the boat. And then back to the Norwegian Hall for the beginning of the seminars. Today’s were good too – lots of information and again I am amazed at the experience of everyone involved.  

Lunch break was quick, and it had started to rain a bit, so we tried to beat the crowd and get into one of the very few lunch spots in town.  Inga’s galley – and it was worth it! they had a great big tent, heaters, and the world’s nicest portapotty. That’s important! And their special today was Halibut cheeks.  I had just been talking about halibut cheeks to Denis and Mary, about how it was my favourite thing but you never see them anymore.. mmmmmm…delicious!

The afternoon sessions were whirlwind half hour talks, and each one of them could have gone on for an hour or two. We learned about docking, and Prince William Sound, and organizational programs to keep us … organized… and then all of a sudden we were saying sayonara, see you tomorrow… plans are afoot to get as much of the fleet out as is humanly possible, in a rhumba line, circle about ( dodging incoming fishermen because the fishing fleet comes home tomorrow)… hopefully get some great pictures ( via drones if the weather is OK, otherwise it’s dinghy etc…) .  Teka III will leave a bit earlier and maybe hang out there and take pictures too, but then we are off to explore between here and Juneau.  I am pretty sure there is a fish with my name on it, so I may have to get up early and catch some herring for bait.  Have I  mentioned the herring here right now are as big as the trout I keep at the lake?????

It has been a wonderfully organized event, and with 35 or more Nordhavns it sets a record for number of boats in one place. And all of us fly-in Nordy owners just add icing to the cake ( I think!!!) Some seminars rivalled anything I have attended at most boat shows and other cruiser events, without having to bring in “experts”… as I said before, the cumulative experience and IQ of this group are off the charts, and anyone who has spent time on the Owners Group sites for Nordhavn probably have interacted with most of these people over the years, in different forums. Someone somewhere in this group knows something about just about anything you want to know about Nordhavn’s but were afraid to ask…. just saying. Tonight we invited Rover and Four Seasons over for sundowners and had a wonderful evening getting to know these 46 owners.. great way to end the weekend.

 I am so glad that Denis and Mary and Teka invited me along – and we’ve only just begun. My only regret is that Lawrence couldn’t come…

Meanwhile… the sun rises around 4 am here, and we have lots to do before we leave… ( it sets about 1030 I think, so darkness doesn’t last long)… which means I should probably wrap this up and get myself ready to go to bed. Part two of my Alaskan adventure begins tomorrow!

I don’t think I will be anywhere near any phone service, wifi, or any such technology, so I will probably go dark for a while until Juneau. But who knows!  This isn’t totally the end of the earth.  Although I am hoping to find something close to it in the next week!!!!