May 10… where does the time go???

Gorgeous morning, calm, sunny, bit of dew on the deck when we got up, but the sun is taking care of that. It’s going to be a warm day. I took the kayak out for some paddling, chasing schools of fish and one large turtle. I was hoping to see one, but it wasn’t until I got to the boat and I heard a long slow gasp and a small splash that I realized there was a big turtle right beside me. All I saw was the head, then he/she disappeared… popped up again a few seconds later, another long-suffering gasp of breath… saw I 

was still there… disappeared again. Finally gave up and took off in another direction and I didn’t see him/her again. 

The sailboats have all woken up now and are bringing their dogs into shore for their morning constitutional.  As much as I miss my dog Kona, I don’t  miss the daily necessities. Although here it wouldn’t be such a big deal, in the past when we were cruising the West Coast of BC, the beaches consisted of rocks 

and trees and were almost impossible for an old dog to navigate, to find “the perfect spot”.  And he never did learn to use the swim grid or even the back deck no matter how hard I tried to teach him. Short of having the captain show him how it’s done, of course. We never did that.

Last night after we cleared everything with the port captain ( easy, beautiful new office, three people working there… all very official and civilized!) we decided to go to the Mexican restaurant down the street, rather than the more westernized white linen table cloth restaurant here at the marina. A long walk follo

wed, through what was supposed to be a gated, planned resort style subdivision, complete with canals and docks for visiting boaters. 

It was all rather surreal, seeing beautiful wide curbed roads with tall graceful streetlights disappearing into the bushes. Something didn’t happen here… but the curbs are still being whitewashed and the appearance is more of patient waiting, not slowly crumbling  into ruins. About a kilometre away is the resort, with a pool, beautiful gardens, an RV park, condo style accommodations, and a restaurant.  There were numerous

screaming very blonde children playing in the pool, which is right next to the restaurant, so we opted for more walking in the hopes they would disappear by the time we got back. 

It’s a spectacular place, although an odd choice for a resort, a km away from the beach… but the surrounding countryside is gorgeous and the mountains rising up all around are breathtaking. Birds are everywhere.. red, yellow, orange… just a delight.

When we returned to the restaurant, children were gone, all was quiet, and we found a table next to the now peaceful pool and had a good meal.  Not great… probably they cater to a more western palate.. but the service was very amicable, and you could tell the way she greeted boaters as they came in they were regulars and she  is warm and friendly. Talked to a few different couples about what brought them there, shared our story.. then it was time to get out before it got too dark, to take the dinghy over to see Karen and Jerome on Daybreak for a chat and a glass of wine – and then home again home again… thankfully we left our anchor light on!  Another fabulous day, glad we got to Loreto…jealous of the people who came in and said “I’d like to stay a month please’… although I don’t think I could stay anywhere that long, it would be fun to become part of the gang… the circle of knowledge… that meets at 3 by the tienda in the coolest, breeziest part of the marina… and don’t leave until all the stories are told and the tienda closes… 

I keep trying to post pictures but things aren’t working as well as they could.. even here with some great wifi it isn’t happening… will continue to try, but probably it will have to be one big bunch at the end of this holiday! we shall see!