Good Decision! But now we have to go!

May 10th… evening…. last night with the others..

We spent almost all day in Loreto, which of course when you are dealing with five or six people is like herding cats..but we managed to do it well. Breakfast / brunch at Orlando’s, pretty good food and a great ambience. We all took turns trying to make the wifi work for us, not always successful. We looked like five teenagers with our cellphones, not conversing amongst ourselves as we madly tried to connect with each other just in case we got separated. Funny as hell.

Jerome was the smart one.  He stayed on their boat Daybrea

k and chilled.

After break-brunch, we separated a bit, 

Karen to do her shopping and us to just wander around Loreto. It didn’t take long for us to need a something cold-break, so  we ended up in the restaurant we were planning on for dinner…we cornered the owner and planned our meal for 630. It was all good… something about a sea bass and some shrimp and whatever the cook could make of it, we would eat. Then off again looking for galleries and t-shirt stores…. Diana did her grocery shopping, Lawrence and I did a few K walking the malecon…he bought me my mother’s day gift and I do think he should give the bill to the kids.. (gor

geous silver starfish earrings and pendant… lovely!)

Then somehow the four of us ended up at the swanky hotel on the malecon for a drink, where the waiter kept trying to bring us more drinks ( two for one!!!! two for one!!!!)…. while Jerome and Karen were sipping margaritas waiting for us back at the restaurant.

We finally all connected, the food was served, restaurant owner Norma’s son with the dimples gave us great service and we ate like royalty… and the margaritas were fabulous…(just one, Sue, just one).. and who knew some béchamel sauce with spinach and whatever fish they served it with would end up being our all time favourite part of the meal.

And it being mother’s day, as we walked back to the car, in the square …. it was absolutely full of celebrations, dancers, food, prizes, everyone who is everyone was sitting on a chair in the square and having a great time. Once again I am struck by the beautiful people here. No woman is caught dead without makeup, hair done, heels way higher than I am going to chance, beautiful clothes… even the youngest were wearing their finest. It has made me think twice about my usual cruising attire, skort, t-shirt and my Tilly…. 

We hated to leave, but some of us have to get up early tomorrow morning and vamoose …. too bad!!!!  It was a great decision to go the extra miles for a few more days with Colibri and with Daybreak, and Wednesday and Thursday will be long days but that’s OK, more time to just read and relax and ponder our future moves.

I would definitely go  back to Loreto, but the issue there is you leave the boat at Puerto Escondido and have to find transportation to the town, which is about 15? K north. Too long on a hot day for the bicycles, so luckily for us Daybreak had rented a car and we were able to cram ourselves into it. In Loreto itself, I can honestly say I didn’t see one taxi, which are common as anything in places like Vallarta or La Paz. At the marina, you can arrange for a taxi, I am told, or some form of transport, but it will cost you. Something to think about next time we come here – but it’s a beautiful little town, and there were more restaurants to experience and shops to explore so worth another trip.  Also the museum was closed  because they were cleaning it up – the Mission of Our Lady of Loreto was founded in 1697 and the site was considered the capital of  Baja California until La Pas was made the capital… so lots of history, hopefully next time the museum will be open

and now… it is Wednesday, we were up with engine started just after 0700… for some reason the generator stalled out on us so the captain had to start the engine, and that means we may as well head out! I guess that will be something to look at when we get to La Pas…

It’s a stunning morning, at this point it is calm, not a cloud in the sky, and I even pulled my watercolours out just in case the muse strikes me and it remains calm enough to paint something. Lots to inspire me here!