North- to Alaska… and lots of Nordhavns to meet!

Tomorrow is the big day –  I am flying out early in the morning to Petersburgh, Alaska, where probably the largest fleet of Nordhavns is assembled for a weekend of fun, learning, frolic, learning, and fun. I have been invited to join the Umstots on Teka III, and will be also cruising to Juneau with them after the rendezvous is over. Oh joy!  I get to see Alaska!  Finally! Hard to join in when your boat is south in Mexico so this is an amazing opportunity for me! This time tomorrow, God willing and the airlines and the fates all lining up as one wonderful universe.. I should be aboard Teka and hanging out with my great friends Denis and Mary. I got to know them when I was asked to illustrate Mary’s children’s book, “How Boats Work”… and if you read this and you are up at the rendezvous, I am pretty sure she will have a few copies on board for anyone interested. And we will sign them too!!!  

Anyway – I think wake up call is 5 am, not quite zero dark thirty but early enough – I have packed and unpacked and packed again. What do you wear in Alaska? Laurie, who is already up there, tells me what the weather is like and admits it is not hot. Shorts? jeans? t-shirt not hot or sweater not-hot? and she laughed when I mentioned bathing suit.  I guess that IS a LITTLE optimistic! 

SO I think I have done what needs to be done, pared down my luggage to the bare minimum as there is nothing I hate worse than dragging things around when I have to run to catch a flight ( rumour has it that it is going to be fairly chaotic tomorrow. Arriving THREE hours early is recommended.  I have no control over that when it come to getting into Seatac, so hopefully my Nexus card and charming Canadian smile will see me through.

or not.

anyway – time to hit the sack and dream about Alaska! I  can hardly wait! ( and I have my fishing license too… so maybe.. just maybe… you never know.. it could happen!)