Winding Down, Going Home

We had a quiet night in the bay at Isla San Francisco, which we had bypassed on the way north, although we did spend some quality time there on our last cruise.

This morning I took the kayak to shore, but was a bit alarmed by the number of small jellies with fluorescent indigo blue  tentacles, looking not unlike small floating sea anemones… some washed up on the beach, but most were bobbing in the water close to shore. Beaching the kayak, I made an effort not to come in contact with these little critters. Beautiful yes, but perhaps beastly too. And  I didn’t feel like finding out.

The adventure crew were up early, some of them heading out in the one panga for a fishing trip, and some walking the beach. Seemed like a great way to travel, someone else setting things up and feeding you, and then cleaning up your mess after you left. All very civilized!  However, I think I prefer it our way! 

After breakfast ( working my way through all the food hoping to not have too much to throw away before we put the boat away- doing pretty well in that department) we upped the anchor and took off. Not so long a day, and for the most part flat calm and warm. There were lots of big rays leaping out of the water to amuse us – one huge animal cleared the surface and did two complete flips before splashing down again.  We would love to know why they fly – most of the ones I see are in small groups, or maybe just a couple… is it a strange mating ritual? Other theories include chasing food – trying to shake off pests – the sheer joy of flying…. my vote is either on mating ritual or sheer joy of flying. If it feels good – do it.

We did see some dolphins, but unlike the porpoises up north they don’t seem to have any affinity with our boat and so steer clear of us. Pity! My favourite memory of the trip from Anacortes to San Diego was the evening the dolphins? porpoises? flew through the waves beside our boat, avoiding the stabilizer fish in the water …seemed like they were having the best time! These animals down here haven’t so much as crossed our bow wave. Probably on a mission..

As soon as we arrived at the marina and shut everything down, we donned our bathing suits and headed for the pool for a late lunch. We always seem to manage to find the most interesting people to sit beside and leavesdrop on. Certainly we hear lots of tall tails and crazy stories from people who have been coming down here for a long time. Our nearest neighbour was very informative: he told us how he brought their sailboat down here ten? fifteen? years ago and has never taken it back. We hear lots of stories about people like this!  Mexico just draws them in and never lets them go! Today he is having his boat put up on the hard for hurricane season, just past the marina we are in now. According to him, when that last hurricane came through, the staff at this boatyard worked hard to keep everyone safe, and they did not suffer a single loss or any damage. That can’t be said for another yard down the way, where there are still boats toppled over that no one has seen fit to right. 

He also had some good pointers about where to cruise, not just here up the Sea of Cortez but further down the mainland coast. All good advice, points to ponder for our future here.

As I sit in the sun, with just enough breeze to keep me comfortable, the ubiquitous fish that live in this marina are jumping all around me.  If I were out in my kayak on the lake I would be throwing my fly out, but for some reason no one seems to take any notice of these silver beauties.  I guess they just look good!  I love how they swarm, close to the dock by the boats they swim in circles, chasing goodness knows what, occasionally leaping out of the water… very entertaining!

Today and tomorrow are clean up day, I will tote all the laundry to the lovely lady at the laundromat and pick it up tomorrow. Cans and other stores will get moved from hot cupboards to hopefully hidy holes more protected from the heat.. anything open will get eaten or turfed or given away. Fridges and freezers will get turned off…Heads will get scoured to within an inch of their lives ( Valerie Clean!!! wish she were here to help out!!!) Luckily we have crew to wash the outside and the hull once we leave.

Watermaker will get “pickled”, allowing us to leave it for five or six months without the usual flushing we have to do to keep things working. Other small jobs will get done – hopefully… and maybe we will catch the bus into La Paz for one last look around and walk down the malecon. 

Saturday night, when the boat is spotless and we can’t do any more, we will stay at the hotel. Sunday morning early we head out – 

Sad but true! Adios Mexico! It’s been fantastico! See you in October! 

(side note… wow.. with wifi working and brain functioning looks like after ten days I have finally remembered how to put the photos in the right place. easy peasy.  wonder if I will remember it for next time???)