Oh Goodness the learning curve….

So this is me trying really hard to figure out this blogging deal. My last blog was super simple because it was created for sailboaters, who are notoriously shy of electronic gear and, in fact, electricity. We have plenty of both so it seemed the right solution to go with something that we can really have fun with. All well and good but I am doing this while planning the trip and also getting ready to sell the house and all the things that entails ( does it sound like I am whining? I am a bit.. I guess… sorry)

Having set up what I thought was a blog, I have figured out that I think it’s a website, and I have to add the blog.  I think this is how you do it.  And as we are leaving at zero dark thirty tomorrow morning ( that’s our boat code for so early you may as well not go to bed)… I want to get this figured out now.

So this really is a work in progress!  Hopefully Progress is the operative word! Progress means moving forward!  

I will continue to explore this blog thing… and hopefully by the time we sever ties with land and head out into the blue azure seas of the Baja… the sat phone will work and we will have contact with our peeps!

fingers crossed!!!

OK just pressed preview and got a white screen.  Nothing else.  Wow.  I think maybe a glass of wine would help????