waiting… waiting… we are in Mexico!!!! more waiting!

We have been officially in transit for 12 hours, what a long strange trip it’s been – airports fogged in, airplanes late, people late, and then the entire population of Canada must have shown up in the customs hall in Cabo Airport – vey polite and well mannered, but an hour later… we did get to  press the button eventually ( Mexico’s way of checking luggage)….and thankfully it was green!!!  

And then – because we were over an hour late getting in, we missed the bus. And there are not enough spaces for all of us on the next two – so we have split up. Originally we were at the airport, next to a rather wonderful looking bar, serving rather lovely looking tropical drinks , but we had to come to the office at the other terminal.  We are sitting inside next to a Subway.  Subways are NOT wonderful bars and the hardest thing they serve is iced tea.  At least we won’t starve!

But we are here!!!!!  We have sent the guys ahead to find somewhere for us to relax and have a meal when we arrive, so Kim and I are holding down the fort here. Thank heavens for free wifi!