Planes Boats and Automobiles

June 15th..


well, Worknot is now officially a Canadian Boat named Northern Ranger II !!!!  hurrah!  So hopefully while we are up north ( freezing I might add) the nice man from SeaMonster on Shelter Island is changing the name for us. We will be heading back down to San Diego on Saturday, but this time we will drive our little red truck so we can take the kayaks with us. We plan on doing it in four days, with a  stop over in Bend for the weekend for a visit with the Dents ( N50 Colibri)… then  hotel it somewhere close to Lodi… then ( Oh no not again!) a drive up Grapevine Hill and down into the wilds of LA. GROAN! 

The idea is to leave the LRT ( it’s a red Canyon) at the marina in Chula Vista – and be able to use it to transport STUFF off of Northern Ranger I up to Northern Ranger II. Seems like a  great idea in theory, I hope that it is as easy as that. I think we will avoid the Tijuana Border – that seems to be the best bet, going through Tecate. And then we can actually go through the Guadalupe valley ( ? )  and wine country again, which is actually very pretty.


So we arrive in San Diego early next week, and sometime after that we will officially rename the boat!  I think the ceremony involves champagne and red wine and food and friends and some mysterious words…. so I am definitely looking forward to that.


Meanwhile, the blog goes Landlocked for a time – we are up at the Lake house right now, rescuing boats ( one mysteriously disappeared from the dock and ended up down the lake a bit.. fun rowing that back in the rain) and hopefully getting the pontoon boat into the water so we can use it this summer.. but we head home tomorrow and then start the big long drive Saturday morning early.

The boat that was …. encouraged to leave the dock… it has a long history in our family, having been our parent’s little car topper for years and years, and plied the lakes around here in the Cariboo and all over BC… Dad repainted it numerous times, and then proudly put rainbow trout stickers on her… when they passed away somehow she came to us, and when we bought a place on the lake they used to spend so much time on of course she joined us here! Over the years all the grandkids and great grandkids have a lot of fun in her, so it was devastating to think that someone had taken her and that was the end. Now she is back with the fleet, and we will take care to make sure she stays safe and locked up…


Never a dull moment… planes boats and automobiles indeed….