There’s a Reason You Should Always Sleep on the Same Side of the Bed.



The past few months have been a veritable roller coaster of activity – from the moment we hopped on Northern Ranger I to bring her up to Ensenada to sell until now, we have probably not been in the same place for more than 5 days… and at one point, I figured we had slept in 5 different beds in 7 days. Which accounts for the title… it’s hard enough waking up in a different bed every morning and not knowing where you are, but if you have to get out of said bed in a hurry,  and you are on the wrong side… I shudder to think of the results!

At this point, we are in Vancouver – at the rental – we have been here for a day and a half, after spending another long long weekend on Vancouver Island with some of our Cubar group and some extra guests, all boaters and all great fun.

                                                                                                 The Gang at Seaforth…

Tonight we leave for San Diego again. The last time we went, we drove our little red truck down to leave at the Marina,  so that we had a vehicle to travel between Ensenada and San Diego.  There are things on the 46 that need taking off and bringing up to the 50, and that seemed like the best way to handle it. It also made for a fun road trip. (107 in Sacramento, no air conditioner. ‘nuff said … however visiting wineries on the way down and up made the heat all very bearable!)

                                                                                          Wineries in Guadalupe Valley… well worth the visit!

Our time in San Diego also included the renaming and naming ceremony – now that she is fully Canadian and her name is official! That was a lot of fun – Ken and Christie Donnelly and Jeff Merrill and his co-worker helped us to make it all legitimate…. needed help drinking the red wine and the champagne!

                                                                                                             Northern Ranger II

Tonight we will fly down, and be there for the haul-out of the 46 ( hull, teak, and keel cooler) … and perhaps get a chance to start looking for people to do some work on the 50. 

In the meantime, our future home up in the Cariboo has been somewhat threatened by the wildfires that are raging through central BC. Our town of 100 Mile has been affected, as have local communities around it, but our lake ( Horse Lake) has so far been safe. Fingers Crossed. But very smoky – and exciting, too, because the water bombers use the lake to gather water. Most of our neighbours have evacuated but some are sending some very interesting pictures of the planes. 

                                                                        Pontooning and fishing on our lake.. just a few days before the fires!

The whole thing reminds me of our hurricane watch on La Paz last summer. Always something, isn’t there??? 

So another work holiday, although really we always manage to fit in some fun – hopefully the weather will be warmer than the last time so we can enjoy the back deck. 

Our move from Vancouver to the Cariboo is now set in stone, as the house we are living in is slated to be either moved ( Google Kitsilano and check out the streets and trees… this would be a mammoth task!!!) or demolished, the beginning of September. 

So August will be mostly about packing and moving…. 

and when we are settled, somewhere in September or October.. hopefully we can take our new Northern Ranger out for some shakedown time… to get us ready for Cubar 2017… November! Can hardly wait!