We Have Arrived!

After a rather long and eventful day and a fantastic dinner – we arrived at the boat in total darkness. She was looking good and a welcome sight after around 14 hours of travel! Not only that but there was wine in the fridge, and cold beer. WHAAAT??? I didn’t know I was that organized when we left.  I maintain the mexican elves came and stocked my fridge while we were gone! Of course theres no food to eat but that will be taken care of today!

My twin bro arrives later, probably around the same time we arrived last night, so we will go to town to provision and arrange to be there when he arrives.  The bus driver last night was amazing, even as pieces of his little van were falling off and dragging behind us ( we were convinced it was our luggage racing to keep up after the last passenger forgot to close the door and it all fell out… but we were wrong)…. anyway, he dropped everyone off where they wanted to go, rather than the bus stop, so if he does that tonight it will be super handy! We can be sitting in some nice cantina having a cervesa and some nacho chips… now we are trying to work out wifi, which is painfully slow and practically dead way out here on this finger, so I am using my phone as a personal hot spot.  Pretty sure I can hear the lines going ca-ching ca-ching ca-ching.  I am hoping we have all this wifi stuff figured out so blogging will become easy and fast. It’s a great blog site but my mind has to really work to keep up with what I am trying to do. So far so good, though. 

The bus ride itself was pretty amazing too… not only did we witness the most gorgeous sunset as we were travelling along the Pacific side of the coast, the “young” people who were in the van with us were most entertaining – they were all going to a Hapkedo? something like that.. camp in Todos Santos – and all of them basically travel around the world doing these camps. They all live here in Mexico now, either Mexico city or Oaxaca, but have lived everywhere else it seems.. and their day jobs were pretty interesting too – one guy is in a band that plays the east coast of the states, the other is a glass maker/ part time “suspension” practicer.  I didn’t ask about that, I’m pretty sure I know what it is. But their stories totally enthralled me as we travelled to the first stop, and I was sorry to see them go!

Our ET departure from La Paz out to parts unknown is hazy, rumour has it after four days of beautiful calm weather ( we heard all about it from a gaggle of kayakers who had been hanging around the islands for a week, just so enthusiastic about the beaches and the water… we can hardly wait)… but of course now we are going to be treated to a few days of winds. So good time to get the boat in order, provision, and make plans… and really, this is a rather beautiful place, and La Paz is only a cab ride ( or a rather energetic bike ride.. or maybe even a dinghy ride) away!  And the bus driver did give us the name of some pretty wonderful restaurants and pointed us in the direction of the best markets… so no problem here!!!

And.. I have been reminded that the wifi here is NOT working, I have hooked up to my phone as a personal hot spot which is burning up data at probably an alarming rate… so… no photos today.  Trying to send the to the cloud and then access them that way but it ain’t happening any too fast.  so I think it’s time for a coffee and to get this day rolling!!!

adios!  from La Paz!