Back to Isla San francisco

76 miles later… Loreto to Isla San Francisco. It was a perfect run down, flat and calm and pretty darn hot. Average over 7 knots, which is great… we must have had a current pushing us, because there sure was no wind. Arrived to a fairly crowded bay, but it was easy enough to find room closer in and drop the anchor in 15 feet ( low tide), next to two of the Cubar boats. Haven’t had a chance to say hi, we jumped in the water as soon as the anchor was set, and then I served up the ceviche and salad … it’s a wonder that a simple cold meal uses every single bowl we possess.  Mexican means small bowls of yummy things, I guess.

There is another one of those camping/glamping set ups on the beach ths time. It’s different from the kayak group we saw before, the tents are orange – and there are only a few kayaks on the panga, nothing on the beach. I think it’s more of a camping adventure trip, exploring the baja and having a chance to experience the various islands. 

Because we came so far today, we only have a six ? hour day tomorrow, so I can get some early morning kayaking and exploring. I snorkelled a bit here, the only thing we have seen is a seal, a seagull, and a couple of puffer fish who

came and ate a few little bits of salad we threw at them.  Very cute… when they like it, they just suck it in with a real slurp. If they don’t like it, out it comes. 

Of all the deaths I see on the beach, the puffers get me the most. It’s like they expand to save themselves  from a predator and then get washed ashore in their extremely buoyant state, where the seagulls have a good time with them and they eventually expire and dry out into small prickly footballs. 

That and the little puffy bird bits we see. I remember this beach as being particularly bad for all that.

We had a delightful sit on the back deck, having our dinner, and discussing the holiday.  It may have been short but we packed a lot into the week and a bit. I’m glad we made it to Loreto ( thanks to Christof and Diana’s persuasive ways)… and overall the way everything worked out was perfect. Having a bit of a visit with good friends and new friends along the way made it all even better. And for this trip, having the boat to ourselves was nice. However, it is always fun to have someone with us – and when the weather is so good and the exploration and adventure works out so well, sharing with someone else would have been great.

Hard to believe we won’t be back until November. As Lawrence pointed out, there are lots of fun and interesting things in our lives between now and then..become homeless!!….new house, camper and truck to play with, I am going to the Nordhavn rally this summer with the Umstots on Teka III, there is  always the lake house to visit, a trip to Bend, and I’m sure other non-boat adventures that will keep us going. I would love to find a Spanish language class to come down to, something immersion, with cooking thrown in! And I would be willing to tough out the summer, or at least early or late summer, to do it… the heat hasn’t seemed to bother me as much as some people. However, I have to admit, I haven’t seen the true Baja summer so I shouldn’t say anything.

Unfortunately, the language school that everyone recommends in La Paz is 

shutting down in July, so that won’t work out. If we are going to spend some more time here, and hopefully longer holidays, I would like to be a bit more fluent! although I find that necessity is the mother of invention, and when you have to dig up some words, invariably they come. Also, the people down here are incredibly helpful. If they don’t understand you, they just keep talking an

d smiling and eventually we figure out what each other wants to say. Very civilized.